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White Paper: The Dilemma - Buy or Build for enterprise-grade mobile sales enablement solutions

White Paper Published By: Seismic
Published:  Jan 29, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Few sales executives miss the days when installing a business enablement solution meant striking a multi-million dollar, multi-year project that required tons of IT involvement. Today, any size business has access to affordable, cloud-based, ‘out of the box’ apps that enable their sales teams to manage and produce branded, data-rich company materials, from sales decks to proposals, reports, and correspondence. 

In the midst of this rapid mobile revolution, companies are wisely noticing the need to offer their own team customized apps for use on their mobile or tablet devices. The advancements of mobility and cloud computing have transformed traditional enterprise content management (ECM) trends and practices, with savvy sales and marketing staffs demanding reliable, scalable and functional mobile platforms.

Mobile sales enablement isn’t just about harnessing the latest technologies, however — it’s about enabling a modern sales force to reach its potential. And in today’s Bring Your Own Device environment, it’s critical for companies to have apps that can seamlessly function across multiple devices and interfaces. When one employee works on a Windows 8 device, an iPad and a third on a laptop, is it possible to provide ‘out of the box’ functionality?

Companies seeking enterprise-grade sales enablement solutions, like a sales content portal, have a decision to make: should they custom-build a solution or utilize existing software?

This white paper delves into the decades-old “buy vs. build” software development dilemma. It reveals how enterprises no longer have to undertake massive development efforts to have access to mobile app that they can call their own – and do so without breaking the bank. 

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